A new face for TANDEM SANITARI, founder of the Brand NERO CERAMICA

“Tandem” company was born in 2007 from the amazing intuition of the great entrepreneur Sergio Rossi, with his large experience in the sanitary ware sector. Since the 90’s , he played a leading role, first as partner of the “CERAMICA DELTA”, “CERAMICA VENUS” and “ CERAMICA FACIS”, and then as co-founder of a big company: GSI (Gruppo Sanitari Italia). GSI in the past years was one of the company at the forefront in sanitary ware and Sergio Rossi has been its President from 1990 to 2007. In those years GSI reached the highest levels of production thanks to new technologies. In 2007 something has happened within Sergio, he felt the need to change way. So he decides to sell his shareholdings in GSI, including in his new project his Children Fabio and Alessandra, with whom he plans new ideas and new business, creating a new company, Tandem. With the new company he designed a brand that will remain in the history of sanitary ware , Nero Ceramica, which has been in the front line in big fairs such as Cersaie, ISH, Shanghai, Canton, Tunis and Moscow.